Your Gateway to China: Gems Cube

Your Gateway to China: Gems CubeYou’re invited to be a part of the Gems Cube Jewelry & Jade Creative Cultural Park, known as Gems Cube. We’ll help you prepare to open your retail jewelry store in time for the launch of Gems Cube in Shenzhen at the end of 2013.

Shenzhen is one of the top ten cities in China when it comes to luxury goods consumption, and is also the largest jewelry manufacturing and trading center in Asia. Over 2,300 companies in Shenzhen are involved in jewelry design, manufacturing and processing, which account for 70% of jewelry production in China. Shenzhen is also home to a high level of jewelry exports as more and more foreign companies establish head offices and manufacturing bases there.

The world’s leading designers and brands are being invited to set up shop at Gems Cube in order to take advantage of the many opportunities in the Shenzhen region.

Based on local consumption forecasts, tourism figures, and its location in the Pearl River Delta, not far from Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen is a prime destination for luxury shoppers. The unique design of Gems Cube with its elegant décor is designed to attract crowds of eager consumers.

Additional events to attract an even larger audience to the retail area, Gems Cube will promote and host special events including fashion shows, designer showcases, celebrity product launches, special exhibitions, and demonstrations by craftsmen such as jade carvers, gemstone cutters and goldsmiths.  China’s popular CCTV program—Treasure Hunt—will be taped at Gems Cube ensuring regular media coverage of the complex.

Gemalytics LLC staff, based in New York City and Shenzhen, is ready to assist you in setting up your company in Shenzhen, guide you through import procedures for products; help decorate your store, and can even hire and train your local staff.

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