Gems Cube International Jewelers Showcase, 19 – 21 May

The Gems Cube Jewelry & Jade Creative Cultural Park, known as Gems Cube, will hold its first major event from 19 – 21 May. Leading international jewelry brands have been invited to exhibit at the Gems Cube International Jewelers Showcase. The buyers for this special exhibition are top retailers from mainland China. All attendees are admitted on an invitation-only basis.
Fashion shows and the taping of CCTV´s Treasure Hunt are just some of the extra attractions at the exhibition. Several famous Chinese film stars will be on hand to model jewelry providing photo-ops for use in later promotions for both exhibitors and retail buyers alike.
Shenzhen is one of the top ten cities in China when it comes to luxury goods consumption, and is also the largest jewelry manufacturing and trading center in Asia. Over 2,300 companies in Shenzhen are involved in jewelry design, manufacturing and processing, which account for 70% of jewelry production in China. Shenzhen is also home to a high level of jewelry exports as more and more foreign companies establish head offices and manufacturing bases there.
Gems Cube was developed by the Shenzhen MKH Group under the guidance of the local Bao’an government in order to support Shenzhen’s growing importance as an international gem and jewelry hub. The main facilities at Gems Cube include a Jewelry and Cultural Exhibition Hall, Creative R&D Building, Jewelry Identification Center, and Gems Cube Hotel.
New York-based Gemalytics LLC is handling international participation in the Gems Cube project as well as for the Gems Cube International Jewelers Showcase.