VicenzaOro Winter

The Future. Now.” is the theme of the three opening International Summits at the 2013 editions of VICENZAORO.

VICENZAORO affirms itself as a trade and content platform, a qualified reference point for world jewellery and precious metals. In order to discover and understand what the future holdS for jewellery, Fiera di Vicenza has organised a series of International Summits for 2013 appropriately named “The Future. Now”.

Events which will be held in correspondence with the opening of the three VICENZAORO International Shows to be held in January, May and September. The Summits will give the main players in the sector, representatives from design, production, communication and distribution, a chance to meet and discuss structural themes which personal and company visions are now obliged to include: the global market, the evolved consumer, new social-economic sustainability.

The first event is scheduled for Saturday, 19th January with the Opening Summit of the VICENZAORO Winter, International Gold and Jewellery Exhibition, the sector's first trade fair of the year, which will close on 24th January 2013.

At 6.30 pm, the Sala Palladio will be transformed into a Think Tank with the participation of some of the elite of the jewellery world. The theme is ‘The Future. Now. New perspectives in jewellery’, and will provide the chance to investigate further and understand the general scene and the future of jewellery. There will be a large number of items to talk about: new scenarios and distribution markets, trading opportunities on-line and on social networks, strategies for promoting brands, advertising and promotion, forecasting, new perspectives for luxury goods, the evolved consumer.

The event will see interventions from Roberto Ditri, President of Fiera di Vicenza; Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Executive Board Swarovski Crystal Business; Stephen Webster, Founder and Creative Manager for Stephen Webster; Joanne Arbuckle, Dean of the School of Art and Design Fashion Institute of Technology; Artak Udumyan, Vice-President of Este; Roberto Coin, CEO of Roberto Coin S.p.A. and Hank Siegel, Owner and President of Hamilton Jewellers. The Summit will be chaired by Simon Brooke, a leading opinion writer for the Financial Times.

In January, VICENZAORO Winter will become the business hub for producers and international buyers from 120 foreign countries and the showcase for presenting the collections of over 1500 exhibiting companies from the main Italian gold districts and more than 31 different countries worldwide. 

T-GOLD will also be back with the 36th edition of its Machinery and Tools for processing gold and precious stones Show organised by Fiera di Vicenza in collaboration with AFEMO, Associazione Fabbricanti Esportatori Macchine Oreficeria (Association of gold processing machine manufacturers and exporters), with the participation of 120 selected companies from the sector of technology and innovation applied to precious metals and who represent the very best on an international level.